Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Act for Animals Urgently Needs Donations and Volunteers

Act for Animals is struggling to stay afloat and the animals we've encountered deserve to live and be rescued. Most people don't care about what is not in front of their face and often don't care even then. Our projects are barely alive these days but we will do everything reasonable in our power to keep them going. "ACT FOR ANIMALS, BE INCONVENIENCED!" is our new motto! Think of the animals we are caring for outside and how they are suffering because they have been abandoned or not cared for properly or even born outside in horrible conditions. They certainly deserve to live and have medical care. Starving outside animals is NOT a form of population control. The answer here is VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER, even if it's just for 1/2 hour per week and DONATIONS. Please help us save these innocent, sentient beings that don't deserve to be victims of the human race. Please contact me today at or to discuss volunteer options. And/or please become a member today by choosing from our dropdown menu. Thank you in advance for saving lives with us!
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